We have over a decade of experience meeting nontrivial challenges within the scope of international business projects.

Tax law

We provide proactive advice on building tax strategies to reduce the tax burden, structure the international business, and repatriate profits while strictly observing all the requirements of national supervisory authorities. 

Business support

We develop a deep understanding of our client’s business and provide services and advice on many levels. We assist in strategic planning and risk management, help to design contracts, and structure and close transactions on global markets. In case of disagreements with counterparties, we strive to resolve them through negotiations in pre-trial procedures and also protect the client’s interests in court if necessary.

Business communication

In addition to professional services, we provide advice in establishing business connections all over the globe. We help get substantial knowledge of local regulations, business practices, and ethics, and arrange formal and informal meetings to help our clients find reliable business partners. 


Depending on the project scope and the budget, we provide long-term fixed-rate and flexible hourly-rate services.